Meet the facilitators


Module Facilitator: Passion Test

Sandy worked as a primary school teacher for more than 20 years. Her personal style of serving and leading people to become the best they can be has led her to become a Passion Test facilitator. Her passion is empowering young people to connect to find purpose and meaning for themselves.

Sisters Sandy and Lesley co-founded their company, Over the Rainbow, a social enterprise and have focused on start-up entrepreneurs. Sandy is the COO and is in charge of capturing and collating the content for their business book, which offers entrepreneurs inspiration and practical guidance. The book aims to empower young entrepreneurs to invest in themselves, achieve greatness and find their pot of gold.

Darin Lotz


After completing his BCom Marketing Management degree, Darin soon found his true passion for the world of digital marketing. He’s been hooked since day one, helping small business owners succeed and thrive online. He has been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of businesses over the last 12 years from countries all around the world. Darin co-founded ROUNDSEED with his business partner Kyle Sanders to bring results-driven marketing to those that need it. He and Kyle work with companies of all sizes, from multi-million-dollar e-commerce brands to local family-run businesses. Digital marketing has allowed Darin to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the people he works with each day. It has taught him so much and continues to do so.


Module Facilitator: finance

Buchule Sibaca is passionate about assisting entrepreneurs and SME’s structuring their local and international businesses’ tax & finance operations effectively and efficiently. He is the CEO of a digital accounting and tax firm, SMTAX, which helps business owners with online business registrations, tax submissions and all accounting related forms. Sibaca started his career in a big accounting firm, but soon felt like a “small fish in a much bigger pond” as he didn’t have the freedom to share and implement his ideas. He left the firm to join a start-up company where he learned about running a business. After a year, he resigned from his job to start his own business. The start-up owner was his first client, and he has since retained him as a client and a mentor.

Sesethu Gqomo


Sesethu Gqomo is the founder and Managing Director of SG Comms, a 100% female-owned Communications, Strategic Stakeholder Management and Public Relations firm. She has contributed to the communications sector as a thought leader, entrepreneur, broadcaster, academic, champion of advocacy and philanthropist. Her collective work experience spans over a period of fifteen years in academia, broadcasting, media relations, journalism, events management and facilitation. She is passionate about the communications and broadcasting spaces as means of changing lives for others and closing the gaps through technology.