Meet the judges


CEO of the “Beancounter”

By the time he turned 24, Marnus was a self-made millionaire, and today this entrepreneur extraordinaire can boast that he has launched several multi-million Rand companies. For Marnus, however, making money is just as important as empowering others with the knowledge and resources to create their own successful enterprises.

Marnus is the affluent CEO of The Beancounter, an accounting firm that is making waves by disrupting the accounting industry in South Africa. He is also a host on a financial insert on the kykNET show Winslyn, and is keen to invest in business-to-business services or products, ideally with subscription models; business models with a focus on SMEs; technology companies; e-commerce; and companies with a social impact.


Daring WayTM Facilitator

Lele Mehlomakulu founded mPower People Solutions, a strategic human resources and organisational development company. She has sat on various Boards and Board Subcommittees and is passionate about the development of people in organisations. Her particular interest is women and young professionals transitioning through various periods in their careers, as well as individuals who want to come out of their shell and achieve great things. She is South Africa’s first Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Lele is a Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Organisational Interventionist.


Entrepreneur, Deal maker and operator of “”

A seasoned entrepreneur, deal maker and operator of growth businesses, Andile runs a family office, which is invested in media, marketing & communications, financial services and technology & telecommunications. Andile comes from a family of teachers and is passionate about education.

He is also the founder of I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR, a platform that supports and mentors emerging entrepreneurs. Andile is the former Managing Director of POWER 98.7 and former COO of MSG Afrika, whose subsidiaries include radio stations, a PR & events agency, and a television and content production firm.


CEO Growealth SA, Entrepreneur, Business Leader

Dawn Nathan-Jones’ career started at the age of 21 when she joined Imperial Car Rental’s co-founders, Carol Scott and Maureen Jackson. Together, the three ambitious and determined women took on other car rental giants with only five cars – and plenty of passion, grit and hard work. Her ability to continuously innovate, re-invent and drive change later landed her the coveted position of CEO of the Imperial Group’s Car Rental Division, which included a number of other car rental and associate businesses.

Dawn stepped down from her role as CEO at the end of 2015, after 18 years at the helm. She was instrumental in many acquisitions and mergers, as well as the strategic repositioning of the Imperial Holdings brand in 2009. A dynamic entrepreneur and accomplished businesswoman, Dawn is passionate about contributing to the economic growth of South Africa and is a vocal advocate for the empowerment of women and young entrepreneurs, her dream is to leave a legacy of social entrepreneurship with heart.

Dawn is most popularly recognised for her role as the only female ‘Shark’ on Mnet’s Shark Tank SA, a show where entrepreneurs convince five self-made millionaires – the Sharks – to invest in their businesses.


Brand Manager of Firstwatch Whisky

Tilldan has close to a decade’s experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He’s spent most of that time working on liquor brands. Tilldan previously worked closely with SME’s mainly in the informal market by aiding these flourishing young businesses with their marketing and advertising programmes. Tilldan is also currently the Firstwatch Whisky brand manager at Edward Snell & Co.

‘I have a huge passion for young businesses, I find entrepreneurs very interesting and mostly brave individuals who believe in an idea and are resilient enough to see it through. I love businesses / ideas that can affect change in communities for the betterment of our society at large.’